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Frequently Asked Questions

What Computer Hardware does "The Consignment Shop" software require?
Our software was designed for and is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Based Computers. The Consignment Shop will operate successfully on all currently supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 or Windows 10.

What is the minimum Hardware Requirements needed to run "The Consignment Shop"?

For minimum requirements - Minimum Requirements

What about printers, scanners, and a cash drawer?

Any InkJet or LaserJet printer can be used with our software to print reports, checks, tags, labels, and customer receipts.

Any Scanning Gun that plugs directly into the keyboard port of your PC and recognizes "Code-128" style barcodes and the tab character will work with our TCS software.

Currently compatible receipt printers include the Samsung and Epson series receipt printers with a USB or parallel interface to your computer and 3 1/8" wide cash register receipt tape rolls.

The special purpose Zebra LP2824 and LP2844 and the TSC-TDP-247 label printers are also supported.

Any MMF Cash Drawer capable of plugging directly into the back of your receipt printer is compatible.

The POSX Pole Display is also compatible with our software.

Of course all Hardware ordered directly from us is guaranteed to be compatible. Any existing hardware configurations will need to be qualified on a case by case basis.

What type of Support is Available?
Support is available via email or telephone from 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

What about supplies for my Consignment software, can I buy them locally or do I have to buy them from you?
All supplies needed to use "The Consignment Shop" software can be purchased from your local discount office supply house or Internet wholesaler. Our sole business is providing you with a quality Consignment Shop Business System. We are not in the Office Supplies Business.

What about future upgrades to "The Consignment Shop" software, will I have to repurchase the software to get the upgrades?
All of our software sales include an Annual Support License which entitles you to not only remedial releases, but also all future enhancement upgrades.

Can I use "The Consignment Shop" in a networked situation where perhaps I have a back office computer for entering inventory, generating pricing labels and managing my consignors and a store front computer for posting sales?
Yes, if your computers are networked, the "The Consignment Shop" is designed to recognize that and to allow multiple users to work against the data base at the same time.

I see that I can request a Demo Copy of "The Consignment Shop", How long do I have before it expires and will I lose the data I have entered when it expires?
Our Product Demo is designed to give you up to 35 days to test drive our software, more time than any of our competitors offer. We want you to be thoroughly convinced that "The Consignment Shop" is the answer to all your business processing needs. Once you are ready to conclude your purchase, we will provide you with a security password that will activate your software so that you will lose no time in getting up to speed with "The Consignment Shop" application.

Does your Software come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days after purchasing "The Consignment Shop" software and services, your money will be refunded. All hardware sales are final unless the piece of equipment is found to be defective in which case it will be replaced upon return of the defective equipment to the manufacturer.

What does "The Consignment Shop" cost, what forms of payment do you accept and is there an easy payment plan?
"The Consignment Shop" retails for $895 for a single workstation configuration with an annual support and usage license fee of $295 per year. Each additional workstation is $495 with an additional $65 annual license fee. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, Checks, and/or Money Orders. Payment plans can be made available to spread the cost of the inital purchase.

What does the TCS Annual License Fee include?

The TCS Annual License Fee pays for the following:

1.         Annual usage of the software
2.         Toll-free Help Line support
3.         Email support questions about using the program
4.         Initial setup of the software and Point of Sale hardware purchased from SBS

5.         Software maintenance upgrades
6.         Future software releases

The following requests for service are not covered by TCS Annual License Fee and are billable at the rate of $100 per hour in 15 minutes increments. You will need to provide us with your credit card information when calling for assistance with any of the following:

  1. Trouble-shooting and resolving Printer issues not related to a TCS program malfunction.
  2. Trouble-shooting and resolving Network issues not related to a TCS program malfunction
  3. Reinstalling the TCS program on a replacement computer. (Minimum Charge is $100)
  4. Support Calls after normal support call hours, holidays and weekends.
  5. Training Sessions requested 90 days after the software purchase date.
  6. Support for qualifying and setting up Hardware purchased from other Vendors.

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