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What Consignment Shop Owners are saying about
"The Consignment Shop"

Each Month we will be featuring a different Consignment Shop that is using “The Consignment Shop” Point of Sale and Inventory Management System. This month our featured shop and shop owner is Beth Cook and Reinvented Upscale Resale.

Click the link below to see her story.

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Devine Consign Boutique

Touch of Class Refinery

Customer Testimonials

Reinvented Upscale Resale
Beth Cook – Owner

Dear John,

A quick story, I have been your customer for 12 years. I thought I needed a change, so I tried another software program. I thought there was something I might be missing. Boy, was I ever wrong!!

Your SBS is the best software package for reinvented. I would highly recommend you and your staff. We will NEVER stray again. You have a customer in Reinvented FOREVER.

Thank you,
Beth Cook
Reinvented Upscale Resale

Main & Maxwell
Laura Bachinski – Owner

Our membership art gallery, Main & Maxwell opened in June of 2016. We began using Clover as our POS system and while it was great at check out, it was very difficult to use for maintaining our inventory. Our gallery runs just like a consignment shop - members pay us a fee and we take a commission from their sales. We struggled with trying to figure out the best method to work with 50+ artists and an inventory of over 1000 items. The paperwork and daily struggle with our Clover system was a true nightmare.

After deciding to take a hit on the initial purchase of the clover system, we began researching other POS systems with the goal of finding one that would work with our unique set up. We chose to go with SBS Solutions and The Consignment Shop software after reading all the wonderful testimonials and discovering that the company was a South Carolina company. Our gallery specializes in selling local South Carolina art - so they seemed like the perfect fit.

THEY WERE!! John and his support staff have been so incredibly helpful to us. They began by making a personal visit to our gallery and presenting their software and services to us. Once we were on board, they supervised the transfer of our inventory and artist records to the new POS system. They happily personalized the program to accommodate our specific cost and fee structure so that our daily check out system would work smoothly. Every phone call, email, and question is answered with patience and good humor! We could not be happier with our choice of POS systems and would highly recommend fabulous SBS and The Consignment Shop to anyone working in a store that deals with commission work. It is well worth the investment and I recommend that you start from the beginning with this fabulous system!

Main & Maxwell
210 Main Street
Greenwood, SC 29646
Phone: 864-223-6229 Store

The Clapboard House
Travis Kennedy – Owner

This program has eliminated so much paper work as well as making our overall business run more efficiently. We couldn't be more satisfied!

 This system has completely changed the way we as a small business keep up with our consignment inventory as well as sales in such a positive manor.

The ClapBoard House
207 W Main Street
Wise, VA 24293
Store Phone: 276-328-4470

Piggy in the Middle
Carrianne Matte – Owner

We came on board with John and his team at the Consignment Shop in 2012 after looking into many different companies that provide this type of software. We could not find the software to match our needs in the UK, due to the consignment concept being unheard of here, so we were doing all of our research from afar! We are now over two years into our business and we can't fault the software provided. It does everything we need and more and is totally reliable and easy to use. Whenever we have a question for John, he is very prompt in replying to us and has never let us down. We were nervous about buying software from the US and were unsure that we would get the support we might need, but we couldn't be happier with the level of service provided.

This software cuts down hours and hours of paperwork you would have to do if you didn't have it and every piece of information you could possibly require is at your fingertips. Our customers are amazed at how we keep everything running so efficiently!

So we can't recommend Consignment Shop highly enough, you won't regret buying this product regardless of which country you live in!

Piggy in the Middle
Lower Cullernie Farmhouse
Allanfearn, Inverness Scotland
Postal Code: IV2 7JA
Phone: 01144 1463 715700 Store


Touch of Class ReFinery
Moon Fong Louisa Chan – Owner

Prior to the opening of my Retail and Consignment Boutique, I did lots of research on various POS software companies.  Since my Boutique will carry both new and consigned inventory, I needed a POS system that's going to be able to handle both.  There are quite a few Consignment software programs on the market, but to be able to develop a system to meet our needs is a completely different story.

John Breidling, the owner of SBS Solutions, returned my call while he was vacationing in Hawaii, and he jumped on the project as soon as he returned from Hawaii.  His "can do" attitude, along with his technical team members, were able to modify The Consignment Shop software to meet all of our needs, from changing the default label printer, various reports to accommodate our requirements, to installing and assisting the implemention of our POS system.  It's all done in a professional and timely manner.  The different time zone between our two companies was never an issue.  John is always willing and able to take care of issues, big and small.

I've been in the Purchasing field over 30 years.  The service level John and his company provided is over and beyond what they are responsible for to keep my business running smoothly, without any issues, and is truly outstanding.

I salute and congratulate you, John, for being my "Vendor of the Year" in 2013.

17350 East 17th Street    *   Suite C    *   Tustin, California  92780-1956  
Telephone  (714) 734-7749   *   Fax  (714) 544-7749

WeeCycle, Inc
Shawnte Cavanaugh – Owner

After being open two years now and using The Consignment Shop, it is fair to say, I LOVE IT!! It is so user friendly, menus are easy to navigate and it streamlines the consigning process. SBS Solutions updates the software often, always with new features that make the process even easier!!!

The best part about using The Consignment Shop is the support team at SBS Solutions!! They are amazing!! I have called NUMEROUS times and every time someone has answered the phone. My questions are answered on the spot 99% of the time!! If there isn’t an instant answer, I have gotten one within a day! When you are running a small business and something goes wrong and you need an instant answer or your have to shut your business down….. it is imperative that you get the help instantly when you need it. John at SBS Solutions has been amazing. I have called him late at night and on the weekends, he still answers the phone, what more could you ask for?

Thank you John and SBS Solutions for all you do! I would definitely recommend The Consignment Shop to anyone starting a consignment business. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you,

Shawnte Cavanaugh
WeeCycle, Inc.
750 Citadel Dr. E. Ste. 3132

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

It's My Style Consignment
Jeanne Little – Owner

I just wanted to take this time to thank SBS Solutions Tech support for their quick response to my emergency . I'm just getting ready to open my store in just a few days, I was so excited to have the SBS Solutions software. I knew that this was the heart of my new business and it was going to make my job easier.

Well, Wouldn't you know my new computer goes into safe mode and is about to crash I called the place where I got the computer and they said it would need to be sent out and would be about three weeks before I get it back, I'm just about to open my new business and the one thing I need to run my store was the computer and with out I could not.

The first thing I did was call SBS Solutions and explained to John that my computer was about to crash. The first thing John did was back up my system on to a jump drive and he also backed it up on his system. After dropping off my computer to be fixed I went home to get my personal computer and took it to the store. I then called John back and he put all of my information onto that computer. John was great and within just a very short time I was up and running. SBS Solutions has a great Tech support team.

I know that if ever I have any issues that SBS will be just a phone call a way and they never leave you and if they have to call you back they do. Also the Software is everything they say it is.

Thank you,

Jeanne Little
It's My Style Consignment

Pittsfield, MA

Red Finch Boutique
Stephen and Sarah Woolway– Owners

The Consignment Shop software meets all our needs in managing all aspects of our shop’s operation. Considering it was developed for the US, we have been very impressed at the flexibility of the software in being able to meet Australian requirements.

What has really impressed us the most is the level and speed of support provided! No matter how involved the question, answers have been provided almost on a real time basis! Not a small thing when considering the distance and time zones involved!

We would recommend The Consignment Shop to anyone wanting to take the hassle out of operating a consignment shop!”

John, we really do appreciate your support.

Best regards


Stephen and Sarah Woolway
Red Finch Boutique
Eltham 3095 Victoria, Australia
Australian mobile +61419148773

Care-O-Sell Consignment
Chris Kodama – Owner

When I contacted SBS Solutions, LLC,, I got a real person on the first try. They offered me the demo copy to “play with” and contacted me several times to see if we had any questions.

My staff and I compared the Consignment Shop software to the others we had seen on visits to various stores and on the internet.

Every phone call with every question for SBS Solutions was always answered in person on the first call.

I called references here in the Northwest that are currently using the Consignment Shop software and got nothing but good reviews. I know how unreliable online good reviews are, but the bad reviews I found about the other software products informative. There were no bad reviews on SBS Solutions.

The Consignment Shop has saved my company at least 16 hours per week. That is two business days. I was logging sales by hand 3 evenings a week, totaling at least 9 hours each week. The extra bookwork that my employees were doing in paid outs and sales totaled at least 7 hours per week. We are a much more productive store now that we have the Consignment Shop software.

Click here to read the full testimonial.

Chris Kodama
Care-O-Sell Consignment
Ontario, Oregon
Store Phone: 541-881-1178


My Daughter's Closet
Tami Abeloe and Susan Fichtner – Owners

I can't tell you how pleased we are with the On-Line Accounts service you offer.  Each night we upload our daily sales activity to the website and our customers can check their accounts at their leisure.  We truly believe this service has eliminated the need for one employee and has been a key factor in keeping a great consignor base.

Tami Abeloe and Susan Fichtner
My Daughter's Closet
Medford, Oregon
Store Phone: 541-499-0882

Floridatown Station
Cindy and Mark Cotton – Owners

After researching several different consignment store software packages available on the market, we found "The Consignment Shop" software to be the most complete and user friendly. Not only is the software easy to use (most employees require only a few hours training!), the support staff is also responsive, friendly and very helpful.

We have a situation at our store that this software was not specifically designed for ~ that being that our accounting is done at a different location. Therefore, we needed to send store sales records from the store to our off-site accounting department for our consignors to be paid for their sales. The Consignment Shop software did not have a report that was everything our accounting department required. We called the programmers and told John of our particular situation and what we needed the software to do. From a single phone call, John took the ball in his court and scored a touchdown! He customized the software by adding an additional report that solved our dilemma almost immediately. Now the task that used to take us half a day to do, takes us less than 5 minutes to accomplish.

We are completely satisfied with the performance of the software and the support of the staff.

Mark, Cindy, Tami, Rebecca and Veronica
Floridatown Station
4372 Floridatown Road
Pace, Florida 32571

Act II
Gail Kincade – Owner

I bought my store 2 years ago and went the cheap way. From day 1 I hated it. I got excuses after excuses from them. It was struggling because of my Vista on my computer. That was when I could actually get hold of them. My shop was growing by leaps and bounds and I still had all my employees handwrite everything because the system never seemed to work. I could make it work, but to try and explain my ways to employees was impossible. After a year and a half I called uncle and went in search of a different software program.

Long story even longer- I researched again and found "The Consignment Shop” from SBS Solutions at I talked to them for awhile and even talked to the people I ordered tags from. They highly recommended "The Consignment Shop” from SBS Solutions. I have never looked back since I ordered. i did break down and order the whole kit and kaboodle from register, receipt printer, tag printer, bar code reader(no pole display) and I could not be happier. I went from spending 4 hours a night inputting sales to 4 hours of sleeping. My accounting is now automatically taken care of and I can pull up any time of day what my sales are. I am sure the other systems do this, but this was the cheapest one I found. We are moving in a week and I will probably double my POS and I will stick with "The Consignment Shop” from SBS Solutions. If I have had any questions - and I have had a few dumb ones- they returned my call immediately.  Maybe some have had a lot of luck with other Companies, I just have had so much professsionalism and amazing customer service with SBS Solutions that I am looking forward to growing my business with them. Hope this helps some.

Gail Kincade
1226 W. Littleton Blvd
Littleton, Colorado 80120

New 2 U Consignment
Patrick and Anita Martin – Owners

Just a quick note to say thank you!

We have been using The Consignment Store software from SBS Solutions for about 6 years now. It is the friendly service, affordable prices, and genuine attention to detail, that keeps us using this software.

Problems are few and far between; but; if something does not work like it should, or adding new printers that do not seem to work no matter what you try; the service that you receive makes you feel like you are their best customer and they make sure that it is problem solved before letting you off of the phone! They take the time to help you understand what the problem is and either walk you through the steps to fix it, or fix the problem remotely. I never feel computer illiterate when I am on the phone with the support team!

Great product backed by great service adds up to a happy customer!

We are completely happy with the total package and look forward to many more years of using this software in our business!!

Patrick and Anita Martin
New 2 U Consignment
Manchester , PA
Web Site:

Wonderful Women Consignment Boutique
Melissa Crowe – Owner

When we purchased our consignment shop in June 2008, there was no tracking of inventory and all items were handwritten. We were spending every night here trying to hand write all items and keep track of our inventory in our 1,500 sq ft store. We then decided to expand, double in size and add our men and kid's departments.

We knew that we had to look into a software program. We started by looking into several different programs out there. We requested demos and information on the programs. BJ from SBS Solutions was the only person who took a concern and interest in our needs. She called and talked to me over the phone at great lengths regarding your software program and how it could resolve our issues. I have worked in an office environment all of my life, but the support that you all have given has been above and beyond the call of duty. It seems as though the upates that you add from month to month are added just when I need them.

I cannot impress on anyone how pleased we have been with the software and the support that we have received from everyone at SBS Solutions, The Consignment Shop software. John, your expertise and willingness to help your customers is phenomenal!

Judy, Melissa and Guy --
Wonderful Women Consignment Boutique
3398 Anderson Road, Suite C
Greenville, South Carolina 29611
(864) 236-1011

Graham Crackers
Alicia Graham – Owner

Mr. Breidling,

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did in designing the Consignment Shop Software. When I first opened, all work was done on paper, hand written tags, and daily recording of consigned and sold items. This was very tedious and took up much valuable time. After researching and testing many different software programs, I made the decision to purchase The Consignment Shop. The software is very user friendly and has made running my store much easier and more efficient. I can easily keep track of my inventory, print price tags, run reports, enter instant inventory, and even has a web feature to allow consigners to check their account status. Customer service has also been excellent. Thanks!


Alicia Graham
Graham Crackers
613 Redwater Rd.
Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 334-9673

Consignment Living
Barbara Petro and Peggy Stevenson – Owners

 The Consignment Shop software was the easiest and best designed software that we demoed, hands down before we started our store three years ago.

Our customers and vendors always compliment us for our efficient and professional reports tracking "what sold" on their contracts. Without the software, it would take us days and probably many human errors when doing the monthly check run for our clientele. It is so easy to use the SBS solutions software, that we are done with the check run in a matter of hours!

We also love the customer service of John Breidling and his staff. Not only has John customized the software to our needs, he is always just a phone call away to help us. We would highly recommend that anyone considering opening up a consignment store, purchase the SBS solutions software and save themselves the headache of comparing inferior products to this software. We all have enough to worry about when opening a store, it's nice to cross one more thing off the list. Thank you for everything, working with your software and staff has been a wonderful experience!

Consignment Living
126 Cochrane Plaza
Morgan Hill Ca 95037
(408) 776-7400

Suzies Kidz Bizz
Sue Rogers – Owner

Hi Sandi, Its good to be aboard. I am so happy with the software, I knew exactly what I wanted and could not get anything like it in Australia, unless I got the software written especially for me, which costs thousands. Your software does everything I need and more.

Suzies Kidz Bizz and my address is
Shop 4, 55 Smith Street,
Warragul. Victoria. Australia. 3820
Phone: 011 61 3 5627 8450

Sequels Consignment & Boutique
Penni and Tom Yannessa – Owners

The Consignment Shop Software by SBS Solutions is the best software…PERIOD. It has every feature you can think of needing to run your business. Then the design team adds more with multiple updates per year. They are always making the software better and they actually ask for input from the businesses that use the software. The support is tremendous. If you have any critical issues that come up, the support team goes out of their way to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Truly a gem in the software business. I give my highest recommendation to all looking for a great software company!

Tom Yannessa
Sequels Consignment & Boutique
Cincinnati, Ohio

LuLu's Consignment
Angie Heidenreich. Owner

I have been in business 1.5 yrs with currently about 2500 consignors, I have used ConsignPro in the past & was unhappy with their high costs/tech support & am extremely happy with SBS solutions software, we currently have 4 networked computers, the ease of use is amazing & the cost is lower than other software with the same or less features, I am constantly impressed with their tech support. I have been on the phone with them on a Sunday night! They are constantly tweaking things to make them better & I always look forward to their updates, they are truly a company that cares about making their product better & better.  They are always open to feedback on how they can improve, it is wonderful! A great bunch of people to work with! I am very confident in my choice of software companies! My consignors love to check their accounts online & it saves me 75-100 phone calls per day! Thanks for such a great product, I couldn't run my business without you!

Angie Heidenreich

LuLu's Consignment
Fletcher, NC

Grow With Me
Sarahjane Schaer Polik. Owner by SBS Solutions is fantastic software. You control everything! Other software I looked at was limited as to the reports or customization. allows you to set it up for your shop, any type of resale and retail shop can benefit from it. If needed there is an excellent support team ready to help you with any seemingly hard or not so hard questions. Feel free to email me with any question and check out their thorough website at

Sarahjane Schaer

Grow With Me
Winsted, CT

Back To The Rack Consignment Emporium
Barbara Pagliaroli. Owner

After extensive searching and comparison I purchased The Consignment Shop software in April 2007. I CANNOT imagine running my business without SBS Solutions and The Consignment Shop. The Consignment Shop has been developed to offer everything a business needs to be successful. My consignors love all the information I am able to give them at a moments notice. The reports and inventory maintenance that I am able to access at all times has freed up so much time... I actually get to spend time with my customers! The team at SBS Solutions offers consistent training and customer support. Thanks so much to all of you for assisting me every step of the way. I would recommend this program wholeheartedly!

Barbara Pagliaroli

Back To The Rack Consignment Emporium
Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

Trendy Consignments
Lynn Smith, Owner

Dear John Breidling and the SBS Team,

Our business has been active now for just over a year and I want you to know how much your personnel and your Consignment Software product have meant to the success we have enjoyed.

 I remember when I was trying to set up my new equipment. You were on the phone with me walking me through the process of hooking up receipt printers, scanners, label printers, and the network.  This might not seem unusual for normal manufacturer support but this took place at 8:30pm on a Sunday night and I had no idea what I was doing. 

As time has passed any problem I have had, any question, or any suggestions has been dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Almost every month there is a new improvement or added feature to our software program, including your latest feature allowing consignors to access their accounts on line.  Can I even begin to tell you how much time that will save us, not to mention the added exposure of our web site and our standings in comparison to other Consignment shops in our area.

Now with over 8000 consignment items normally carried in our store and now almost 700 registered consignors the need for the proper management software means the difference between our business success and total failure. I am so pleased that I selected SBS Solutions as our Software supplier. I cannot imagine what it would involve if I had selected another vendor that I was less satisfied with and now had to try and make a change.

If you have anyone who is considering your software and would like to talk to a Consignment retailer about the benefits of your Consignment software I invite you to pass on my contact information to them. That would be small repayment for your superior product support and the outstanding customer service I have received.


Lynn Smith

Trendy Consignments
Chesapeake, Virginia 

Tulip's Antiques & Consignments
Pam Vandertulip, Owner

Testimony by Pam Vandertulip

First of all, I need to give you a little background so that you can fully appreciate what I'm about to tell you about "The Consignment Shop" software.  I taught school for 28 years, so I'm educable.  One of the reasons I retired (yes I'm 60, almost 61) was because everything at school had to be done on the computer.  It's not my favorite tool, except for writing to all my friends and shopping.

I spent several months looking at software and I had one year of experience with another software company.  I was scared to go into business because of the software and computer.

We had lots of problems with the other software and I was working with a young girl who was very computer savy.  We had to go in and re-enter the entire inventory for the store - not fun.  After much research, I  talked to John and was happy with everything he told me about the "The Consignment Shop" program (which was all true).  The software arrived right on time, but I didn't open it for over a month, because I was scared.  Finally, the day came and I had to open it and get started.  There were step by step instructions and this is the easiest program I've ever had to deal with on a computer.  Now, that doesn't mean I haven't had a million questions, but John, BJ and Sylvia are the most helpful people in the world.  They have not gotten upset with me one time (at least not that I know of).  One Sunday I called John while he was watching football and he had all the patience in the world for me.  BJ is amazing!!!   She has worked for hours with me (because I have made some major mistakes no ones fault but my own).  I told her one night, not once has she made me cry.  Sylvia has this wonderful voice that makes you want to stop and chat with her all afternoon.

"The Consignment Shop" is the only way to go and I would never even think about another program.  They didn't do anything to get me to write this.  One more thing, when you go to the Sales Screen it lets you make all kinds of mistakes and it forgives you.

Pam Vandertulip

Tulip's Antiques & Consignments
El Paso , Texas 79902

ShareWear Consignment Boutique
Judy Rodde, Owner

I moved to Western New York in the dead of winter from Florida, bringing with me my dream of starting a consignment shop. I began searching for software programs via the internet. I downloaded several demos from various companies including SBS The Consignment Shop. It didn't take me long to realize it was the best one being offered. The simplicity of the program, yet the intricate detail, is unbelievable. The program is literally "point and click". Everything you would ever need to run a consignment shop is in this program. My customers are impressed with my bar coded price tags, which include a markdown schedule.

Although the program and instructions are so easy "a caveman can do it" I ran into some technical problems due to my lack of knowledge. I can easily navigate a computer, but am not savvy with connections, ports, devices, etc. I cannot emphasize enough how great John has been getting me up and running. NEVER have I ever called and not gotten an immediate response. John even redid a template to print my price tags to my specifications. I have never experienced customer service to that degree.

My advise to others who are looking into the consignment business is simple. Don't waste your precious time looking any further than this program. Request the Demo, load it and see for yourself.

Judy Rodde

ShareWear Consignment Boutique
54 Schuyler Street
Belmont, NY 14813

Reruns 4 Little Ones
Store Owner, Denise U.

After reviewing demo's of several consignment shop software packages available we decided on The Consignment Shop. by SBS Solutions.  We've been happily using it since December of 2005.

We chose the software due to the ease of use - it was the most intuitive system we found.  We were able to navigate the system without reading any documentation, but the documentation that they provided as well as their support helps to find answers when we're not sure how to use something.  We also liked the way that it integrated with the barcode scanner and receipt printer - basically plug it in and go.

John Breidling has been nothing but professional and provides excellent customer support on his system.  We have also been impressed by the enhancement requests that we have made that they have implemented in the system.

Updates to the current version are also very easy to download and upgrade - no problems.

We would definitely recommend this system to both new shop owners starting up as well as to those converting from manual to automated.  The time savings and inventory and sales accuracy more than pays for the cost of this system.

Denise U.

Reruns 4 Little Ones
Tampa, Florida

ABC Consignment
Store Owner, Marne Reid

The Consignment Shop. software makes life so easy, without it I don’t know what I would do.  It not only makes keeping inventory easy but tracks daily expenses and figures out what you owe consignors!  It has so many great features that it amazes me each day.   Really for the time that it saves it is worth so much more then the cost of the program.  I definitely don’t regret for one minute my purchase of The Consignment Shop. software.  You not only have the wonderful user friendly software to work with but you have great support from John and B.J too.  They are always just a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns.  They have been in the business and that really gives you a heads up too as they help your company get set up.  If you order it today I promise you that you will not look back it is the most amazing user friendly time saving program I have ever used!  Thank -you John and B.J. for all of your great customer service and support.

Best Regards,

Marne Reid

ABC Consignment
#253 20212 Township 510
Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1E4

Classic Consignment
Store Owner, Cyndy Noble

Before I opened my store, I wanted to see the program in action.  I made contact with John and he provided me with the names of other businesses in close proximity so I could see the program being used.  Being able to see the program in use was the selling point for me along with the support.  That pretty much told me this was a 'have to have' item for my store.
What I appreciate the most is that I can enter items quickly into inventory and if I lose a tag all I have to do is go into the Advanced Inventory Search and query it for my item.  It is a life saver, especially when you have a customer wanting to buy that particular item.  I also get comments everyday on my system and how thorough we are with our buisness records.  Customers comment on getting an itemized list in the mail of their items, along with their Consignor Number and date.  They are more amazed when they get a list, along with their payouts, of the items that sold.  It is just a life saver. 

I also have to agree with the other testimonials in that whenever I have a question or issue, I just send John an e-mail and he responds immediately or calls me.  This is what I call 'support'.  Thanks so much for this program and your support.

Cyndy Noble

Classic Consignment
6610 W Hwy 146, Suite A
Crestwood, KY  40014

Peggy Sue’s Consignments
Store Owner, Peggy Mason

Before I opened my store, I downloaded demos from several software companies. I also emailed and talked to representatives from some of the companies. I decided to buy The Consignment Shop. software for several reasons, one of which is the ease of use. The software allows me to easily keep up with each item in the store, run reports, and do many others functions necessary to running this business. There are too many features to name here. When I have questions, I can email or call John Breidling, the owner, and speak directly to him anytime. I’m not real computer proficient, and John has been most patient and helpful.

But my favorite part of being a customer of The Consignment Shop. software is receiving the frequent updates. The program just keeps getting better and better! Recently I made two suggestions to John, and he incorporated them into the next update. Where else can you get service like that?

Feel free to call me for more information.

Peggy Mason

Peggy Sue’s Consignments
707B N. Highway 78
Wylie, TX 75098

Wishes & Dreams
Store Owners,
Gary & Pat Ralston

John, thanks for the upgrade.

Your program is working great for us and do not know how we operated without it.

We would like to add that even though we are not computer savy shop owners, whenever we have a question relating to the SBS software we get immediate responses.

Thanks, Pat & Gary

Gary & Pat Ralston
Wishes & Dreams
500 Colonial Avenue
Colonial Beach, VA 22443
804 224 4750

What A Deal- A Re-Sale and Consignment Shop
Store Owner,
Tyson Mathews

After downloading and working with a number of Point of Sale, Inventory tracking and sales reporting software for consignment and other retail sales, SBSolutions', "The Consignment Shop." is without doubt the best one out there. I did spend time trying them all!. As a Systems Administrator, I was pleased with it's design and ease of setup for myself and ease of use for my wife. Our clients are impressed to see a detailed report of their account and are easily able to wrap their minds around it's inventory tracking and feel comfortable with their items and account being tracked properly. My wife likes the clean straight forward friendly user interface so I didn't have to spend too much time showing her how to use it. Clearly this software was designed by someone who needed the product themselves. Further the quick and responsive support for the few questions I had during my testing phase convinced me to buy. One more thing, my 8 year old daughter after only 2, 15 minute sessions with her is now ringing up sales and entering inventory. Now who can argue with that?

Tyson Mathews - - Kent, WA

Thanks John!

Tyson Mathews
What A Deal - A Re-Sale and Consignment Shop
310 Washington Ave N #101
Kent, WA 98032

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Fashion Fair
Store Owners,
Gaelyn Newbury
Jeanne Tangren Hatie


Thank you so much for all your help - We really appreciate it! Your software makes the business of consigning so much more manageable than it would be without it.

Thank You!

Gaelyn Newbury
Jeanne Tangren Hatie
Fashion Fair, LLC

411 Division Street South
Nnorthfield, MN 55057

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2 Chicks Consignment
Store Owners,

Maureen Calvert
Karen Gushel

Dear John,

I cannot say enough about the TCS program, it has allowed us to spend more time on important issues like customer service. We have every report necessary to organize inventory and keep customers and consignors informed. I love being able to answer consignor questions immediately. We have found it to be a very user friendly program and liked the set up far better than some of the other demo programs we tried.

I have never had such great customer support before! My emails are replied to right away or I receive a phone call. Any changes I have requested have been applied at no extra cost.

Thank you John for making our business a more streamlined machine!

Maureen and Karen
2 Chicks Consignment
3171 West 29th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6L 1Y5

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ShareWear Consignment Store
Store Owners
Tracey Robertson
Cheryl Bowman-McPherson


Thank you. You have created a product that we can trust and that's easy to use. The screens are easy to read and to navigate. We continue to be impressed by the software's ever-increasing functionality. More than that, the level of service you provide is extraordinary and cannot be surpassed. You have dispelled the myth that excellent customer care is a thing of the past.

As a new owner, we have many things to be concerned about. Thanks to you, The Consignment Shop. software isn't one of them!


Tracey Robertson
Cheryl Bowman-McPherson
ShareWear Consignment Store
4703 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625
773 334-9508

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Annies Consignment Boutique
Owner: Annie Gibbens


Just a short note to tell you after 8 years & 5 stores I never dreamed I could learn to use a program so easily.

I also attended & paid for a Competitor's program who claimed to have been in business the longest and was local to me. After paying to be trained on their program, I decided it was not for me.

I researched for over 3 years not really wanting to go computer. Change is hard for me. I would be happy to tell my story to anyone you want to pass my number on to. I only have praise for this system. I love it!

Again, Thanks


Annies Consignment Boutique
810 E N Park Street
Okeechobee, FL 34974

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Friends Consignment and Gifts
Owner: Cindy King

Hi Everybody,

Just a note to let anyone who is looking for consignment shop software that The Consignment Shop is the easiest and best that we have found. I am a computer illiterate and I can even do it. So hats off to John and Susan for a great job. Susan has been of considerable help to me since I don't have a clue what I'm doing. She is always available and very friendly to boot.

Thanks guys for a job well done!!


Cindy King
Friends Consignment and Gifts
3977 Yann Road
Marine, IL 62061

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Klassy Klozet
Owner: Mary Ruiz

PS. I love The Consignment Shop Software, I have bragged about it to a few of my business friends so easy, anyone can use it immediately! I just love it, great on time.

Klassy Klozet
Mary Ruiz
513 E. 9th, Ste. B
Mission, Texas 78572

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Encore Consignment Emporium
Owner: Catherine A. Meery

After having been in the consignment business for about a year, it was obvious the system we had in place was not working for us. We were using a database that was difficult to extract the information from and we were getting bogged down in paperwork and file folders. We knew we needed to streamline our record keeping and free up our time.

We searched for a solution and decided to try the demo version of The Consignment Shop software. We were very impressed with the many functions and ease of use of the software. Now, many months later we wonder how we ever did without it. Its search capability alone when working with inventory has been a definite time saver and It is an excellent tool for any business whether it be a consignment store or a retail store needing a good point of sale system.

We are not only impressed by the software itself, but by the incredible service and support given by John and SBS Solutions. Having no experience with software or inventory systems of this type, we often have questions. John's easily approachable manner and willingness to answer any question has only further proven to us that we made the right decision in choosing "The Consignment Shop". The updates he provides pleasantly surprise us with new features all the time, often with some of our own suggestions built right in. I can easily recommend the software to any business searching for a solution of their own.

Leonard Shepard, Manager
Encore Consignment Emporium
208 Main Street, Suite 1

Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2B9
(902) 863-0739

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New 2 You Consignment
Owner: Rhonda Guinn

The Consignment Shop software has made my transition into the "business-ownership" world in general, and into consignment specifically, sooooo easy. One of the reasons I chose TCS over some of the other available programs was its user-friendly nature. The look and feel of TCS is intuitive and has proven to be efficient, effective and has taken much of the burden of retail business onto itself. Most any information regarding your day-to-day transactions or month-to-month and annual reports can be accessed with just a simple click or two on your keyboard. TCS is constantly working to upgrade and improve their product. That's awesome!

All that being said, the aspect of using the TCS system that I'm most satisfied with is the superior customer service. I have gotten tremendous support and enjoy doing business with TCS Mgmt. I highly recommend The Consignment Shop software. I have been overall, very satisfied and look forward to the continuing benefits of using TCS.

Rhonda Guinn
New 2 You Consignment,
Chouteau, OK

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A Wise Place to Shop
Owner: Patty Wise

"I am very glad that I chose The Consignment Shop software. I'm a new consignment shop owner and therefore have not used other consignment programs, but I have found that this software offers everything that I need to run my business (as well as things that I didn't even know that I needed!). I like the fact that I receive frequent upgrades to the program, and that John is available to help with any questions that I have."

Patty Wise
A Wise Place to Shop
617 Indian Trails Road South
Indian Trails, NC 28079

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AGAIN! AGAIN! Kids' Consignment
Owner: Marnie-Ann Balaski

I tested 5 consignment software programs including one from my home state when starting my business. The Consignment Shop program had the most flexibility in organizational structure and user-compatibility. But most importantly, SBS Solutions was the only company to offer the names of current businesses using their software.

Their customers highly praised the company's responsiveness to problems as well as individual business needs. They were right! In a world of homogenized tech support and only fair to midline customer service, John Breidling and SBS continues to be there with answers in my hours of need and open to suggestions for future upgrades.

Marnie-Ann Balaski
AGAIN! AGAIN! kids' consignment
Colchester, CT
Phone: 860-537-0239

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Consignment Boutique
Owner: Pierrette Komarek

We are a ten year consignment boutique located in chester county. We have had several programs throughout the years and have tried to muddle through with all of them. Last spring our owner was looking to upgrade our outdated software and happened to see "The Consignment Shop" online with a free demo. We discussed moving our client lists to a new system and decided to take a look and see what this program had to offer.

As the operations manager I had seen many programs come through and hated the thought of moving our lists to a program where we would end up getting no customer support after initial installation (and our check had cleared!) Surprisingly I came to find that this program was different. Not only is the system effortless to navigate but the customer support we have received from John Breidling personally has been wonderful.

We have several people from our support staff that we can now have consign that before found our systems too difficult to say the least. The issue with transferring our clients over was completely handled by John himself who has taken care of our every question immediately.

I would recommend not only this program but the personal attention to detail that his company has given us. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.


Melinda Wright
Operations/ Personnel Manager
Consignment Boutique
308 Gordon Drive
Exton, Pennsylvania 19341

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Designer's Closet, Inc.
Owner: Julie Boyce

Thank you so very much for all your support! You have been awesome to work with! The Consignment Shop software is so easy to use. The bar codes make my job so much easier and the ability to generate reports in an instance makes me look like a professional. It does all of the work for you. It can not get better than that! It is so refreshing to work with a database and a company that puts the needs of the customer first! I will be doing business with SBS Solutions for a long time. Thank you


Thank again!


Designer's Closet Incorporated
McMurry, PA 15317
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Elliott Consignment
Owner: Shane Elliott

"I am very fortunate that I came across The Consignment Shop software, it is the Michael Jordan of the consignment software world.

I have two stores in Chicago and was in desperate need of computer software to streamline my business. I looked at many programs, but they were not what I wanted or needed to run my store the way I wanted to. I stumbled across The Consignment Shop on a message board, and am I glad.

This software does everything you need to run a successful consignment business and more! It is set up so that you can modify to your needs. It crushes the other programs I looked at, there is just no comparison. It has made my life working the stores so easy and efficient, and the consignors love it because they now have print-outs of what sold. There is nothing this program does not do to run your shop smoothly, where as the other programs I looked at always seemed to be lacking something that I thought important for my business. The others just seemed so basic.

Also, help and support are just an email or phone call away, John is fantastic about answering questions and helping you set-up the software. Well, this is a home run and anyone looking for consignment software should go with The Consignment Shop, you will be thrilled."

Shane Elliott
Elliott Consignment
Chicago IL 60614
Phone: 773-549-4330

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Sweet Peas Mommy & Baby Consignment Boutique
Owner: Tori Gittere

I am writing to say how great The Consignment Shop software is! It is extremely user friendly and I must go one step further by saying that anytime I have ever had any sort of problems or questions, The creator & developer himself; John Breidling, has always been a phone call away and his customer service skills are equally as great as his program.

I have used other consignment shop programs in the past that cost much more and are far more complicated than "The Consignment Shop" program but this program is so simple to use and covers all areas that are needed to own and run any kind of consignment shop.

This program far exceeds any of the others out there so don't be fooled by these other programs - this program is the REAL DEAL and you can't beat the cost either, compared to other consignment programs out there , their tech support is awful and the price is ridiculous. The Consignment Shop Software is most definitely #1 in my book and I will recommend this to anyone and everyone who is going into this business. But don't take my word for it - ask for a demo and you will see for yourself!

Thanks John,

Yours truly,
Tori Gittere dba Sweet Peas Mommy & Baby Consignment Boutique
2050 N. State Rd. 436
Suite 124
Winter Park, Florida

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Marbles Specialty Toys & Childrens Consignment
Owner: B J Ratliff

Personally I have to say that anyone with the dream of opening their own re"sale" shop would definitely regret not giving SBS Solutions the privilege of serving you. Which is Really what they do! I opened a children's consignment & Specialty Toy Shop in Oct 2003 and John frequently called to make sure I was satisfied! To me, this is what I have found to be the Most Valuable component!

Along w/ the service he provides comes the incredibly well thought out software. I haven't found anything that it can't do. I mean Everything... detailed reports, lay-aways, templates for consignor agreements... well... everything!

Fortunately, I started my business using John's software and it has kept me organized enough to watch my business grow. I truly believe that the product and service that John provides has greater value than any other program I have seen offered at such a reasonable price!!

Can't Imagine Running My Business Without It!!

Thanks so much John


BJ Ratliff, Owner
Specialty Toys & Childrens Consignment
Lugoff, South Carolina 29078
Phone: (803) 233-7573

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Secondhand Sisters
Owner: Toni Blackwell

Hi Shane! I just read your question about software on the board and thought I would tell you what we went with...

I was approached by a company called SBS Solutions, the name of their software is "The Consignment Shop". I chose it for several reasons.

I really liked the layout of the program. It has all the features we need running a consignment store. I spoke with the owner of the company and he is super nice, very professional and friendly. Some of the other software programs out there charge you to download their upgrades... but not SBS Solutions. They do have an annual renewal fee of $125 - and this covers any updates generated on The Consignment Shop program. The other software companies out there charge up to $499 each upgrade! That is crazy. LOL

I just love our software and thought I would share my comments. If you are interested in getting a free demo CD mailed to you right away, contact John at SBS Solutions.
Phone: 1 803 754-9814
Toll-free: 1-866-364-1038

Good luck with your business and your software decision..


Toni Blackwell

Secondhand Sisters

Toni Blackwell, Owner
Secondhand Sisters
Ball Ground, Georgia 30107

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Raggedy Annie's Consignment Shoppe & Boutique
Owner, Lisa Erickson

I opened a children's consignment clothing store and boutique in the later part of June in a little town outside of Columbia, South Carolina. When I first opened my shop, I decided to do all the consigning manually, which consisted of hand-writing out the tags (twice) and inventory sheets, creating a spreadsheet for each consignor when items were brought into the store and then when the item was sold, I went into that consignor's spreadsheet and updated their sales for the correct price. What a job! I could tell during the first month after opening that I could not keep up with this pace, I NEEDED SOME SOFTWARE!

I had John Breidling who created "The Consignment Shop" software stop by and give me a demonstration of his program. I was immediately impressed! It does everything you need and then some. The greatest part about "The Consignment Shop" program is that it can be tailored to your needs, is very computer friendly and is simple to use -- so anyone can learn to use it.

Whenever I have had a problem or question, John has answered it or solved the problem in record time. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone who wants to open a store and needs a simple program at an affordable price. I would give John and "The Consignment Shop" four stars -- ôôôôô!

This program has saved me so much time and effort in the short time that I have been in business that I could not even think of switching to anything else. Thanks Again John.

Lisa Erickson, owner
Raggedy Annie's
1040 Broad Street
Camden, South Carolina 29020


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Chaphill's Consignment & Resale Shop
Owners, Tasha Chapman & Katrina Phillips

On August 1, 2003, we opened a consignment and resale shop. Initially we conducted our business by hand and I mean everything! The intake process, pricing, and tagging required long hours during and after store hours. We discovered SBS Solutions Consignment Shop Program over the internet. It has changed our business life! We are now more proficient and productive during business hours. Our Consigners and Customers also love it.

Our Consigners and Customers love it because they can actually see and verify their inventory, the sale, and the profit of their items. We love it because we only have to enter the data once and are able to complete numerous business transactions, tasks, and customer services with this program.

The technical support staff of SBS is excellent. When I have called with a question or concern, they have responded immediately. They even tailored their program to meet my particular business needs.

If you're a new or existing business looking for a software program that does it all, then SBS Solutions is it. Their program has allowed me to better enjoy business ownership and the extra time with my family.

Tasha Chapman & Katrina Hill, Owners
Chaphill's Consignment & Resale Shop
207 W. Walnut St.
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Business Phone and Fax: (618) 529-0268

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Nu-2-U Consignment Boutique
Owner - Mary James Brown

Being a new Consignment Shop owner, it was hard knowing what was the best software program to use, so I started out the "old fashion" way. And for my 1st year I did everything by hand, sales, inventory, expenditures, all consignor info! Whew!! What a job!! Not only was it extremely time consuming, I had to learn to rely upon my memory!!! Ugh~

That was working out fine for my 1st 50 or so consignors but, as my numbers grew, I finally decided I needed help! So, I started inquiring about computer programs. Being a consignment shopper, of course I was looking for the most I could get for a little bit of money! I needed accessible customer service, an easy to learn program at a cost I could afford on a single owner, small business budget!

And that's when I was introduced to John w/ The Consignment Shop software. I got all that I was looking for and a lot more!! (True Consignment Shopper!!) The program is easy to learn, easy to run & very clear (easy enough for computer beginners.) Accessible customer service has been the greatest help to me. And the cost of the program couldn't be matched.

If you're looking for a new program I highly recommend "The Consignment Shop: software program. It's money well spent & you won't be disappointed with your investment!

Mary James Brown

Nu-2-U Consignment Boutique
Columbia, SC 29206

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Finders Keepers Consignment Shop
Owner - Mary Gail Douglas


I opened FindersKeepers Consign & Thrift in Dec. 2000. Little did I know how fast this business would grow. Tracking the items manually pulled 75% of my time in the store. I heard about The Consignment Shop Software through a friend and could hardly believe how easy it made things. I am not particularly computer-savey; but the use of this software is straight-forward, friendly, and most of all; the technical support exceeds all expectations. I accept 20 items at one time from consignors. These items can be received, tagged, and placed on the rack/shelf within a period of 30 minutes. This is what I call "managing my business instead of the business managing me".


This investment has returned 20 fold to me just in time alone. The other feature that means so much is the tracking of the money owed to the consignor. This is critical in bringing those consignors back. I now have over 240 individuals who consign in my little store. The only way I would be able to do this and still have my sanity is with The Consignment Shop Software. It is quite evident that John Breidling and staff are committed totally to this product and making enhancements as needed. Life is good with The Consignment Shop.

MaryGail Douglas, Owner

Winnsboro, SC 29180

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Daff-a-Deals Children's and Maternity Consignment Shop
Owner - Kahl Sanders

I am so pleased with my Consignment Shop software! Not only have you provided affordable software, but you have given me continuous training. You have enabled me to customize my software to my specific needs, which is more than any other company offers. The Consignment Shop software has completely helped me in business transactions, record keeping, and inventory. It has enabled me to update my shop, as well as having the peace of mind that everything is in order and organized. Thank you for all you have done for not only my business, but also my peace of mind.

Thank you,
Kahl Sanders

Daff-A-Deals Children's and Maternity Shop
10171 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 865-7640

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